Questions to Ask Any Potential Forklift Transportation Hire Company

If you need to move a forklift, either because you're moving your facility or because you've purchased one and need to arrange your own transport, you want to ensure you opt for the best company available. Transporting any type of heavy equipment is not like delivering packages; the transport company should know how to handle heavy but delicate equipment like a forklift properly. Note a few questions you might ask any potential transport company so you know what's involved and know your forklift will arrive in good condition.

1. Ask how you should secure the forks of the forklift 

When transporting a forklift, you will want to fold up the forks of the piece to get them out of the way and protect anything being transported around them. A transport company may take many extra precautions or standard measures to secure the forks, such as tying them up or even wrapping them, however, you want to ask if there are any additional steps you should take to secure the forks. This might include trying them up on your own, or adding a protective cap or wrap over the tips of the forks so they don't get damaged and they don't damage anything else in the shipment. Always ask if they recommend you take any added steps for securing the forks, or what measures they take to add security to the forks so you can decided if you should do anything extra before shipping.

2. Ask about the hubs or stops along the route

Since a forklift can fit in the back of a standard cargo truck, it might be shipped with other items. If so, ask about the hubs or stops along the route. You should know if they will need to unload the forklift at other stops or hubs to load and unload other items in the truck. If so, this can mean a number of drivers taking your forklift in and out of the truck. In that case, you may want to consider added liability insurance for your equipment. The transport company you choose will have liability insurance for damage that might be caused during any loading and unloading, but if it's not sufficient, you may be liable for added costs even though you were not the one operating your own forklift. To protect yourself while your forklift is being transported, note how many times it may need to be loaded and unloaded and then consider if added insurance would be a good choice for you.