When It’s Always Best to Call for Towing Services for Your Car

Calling a tow service may mean money out of your pocket and some inconvenience while you wait for them to arrive, but there are many times when it's best to rely on their services rather than try to drive your car. In some cases, you might make a situation worse and cause more damage and wind up paying more for needed repairs overall. Note when it's best to call for towing services for your car no matter the cost or wait time.

1. When your car suddenly sags 

If your vehicle is suddenly sagging in the back and you don't have the trunk weighed down with heavy items, this can mean that the springs of the suspension system are broken. This can also be the culprit if you notice sagging just on one side; the wheel well may suddenly be sitting precariously close to the tire. Driving with a broken suspension can be very dangerous as this puts added stress on the car's tie rods that connect the tires to the steering column. If the tie rods break while on the road, you may not be able to steer your car. Having your car towed so you can install new springs, shocks, struts, or other needed parts of the suspension will ensure your safety.

2. When you hear rattling noises from one tire

Rattling noises from one tire often signal a broken lug nut. This is the piece that holds the tire onto the car. When it breaks, that broken piece may get caught in the area around the rotor and inside the wheel well. In turn, you may hear it rattling around as the tire spins. This can be very dangerous, as one broken lug nut means added pressure on all the other lug nuts, so they too may break away and your wheel comes off the car. Rather than risk this, pull over and call for a tow truck.

3. Drag from one wheel

If you can tell that one wheel of your car is dragging, meaning something is not allowing it to rotate freely, this can mean that your car's brakes are not fully disengaged from that tire. You don't want to continue driving this way, as this can mean damaging rotors that could otherwise be salvaged, and these are usually somewhat expensive to replace. This drag, no matter how minor, can also cause the engine to work harder than it should and, in turn, it suffers excessive wear and tear. Have the car towed instead to avoid all these potential problems if you notice that one wheel seems to drag, even if it's just slightly.