Car malfunctions that require immediate towing

When you encounter a major malfunction with your car, you need to get the car to a mechanic immediately. Some issues might allow you to drive your car to the mechanic without any major complications. However, there are issues where you should avoid driving your car at all costs and instead call a towing service to take your car to the mechanic. Some issues can actually cause your car to sustain further damages if you continue driving it, and other issues make your car unsafe to drive for even a very short distance. Read More 

Questions to Ask Any Potential Forklift Transportation Hire Company

If you need to move a forklift, either because you're moving your facility or because you've purchased one and need to arrange your own transport, you want to ensure you opt for the best company available. Transporting any type of heavy equipment is not like delivering packages; the transport company should know how to handle heavy but delicate equipment like a forklift properly. Note a few questions you might ask any potential transport company so you know what's involved and know your forklift will arrive in good condition. Read More