Buying a Box Trailer: 2 Things You Need to Inspect

If you're finding it difficult to fit all of the kits you need to run your business into the back of your truck, you may be looking for options which provide you with additional storage space. Buying a bigger truck can be costly. A box trailer is a much cheaper way of boosting the storage space available on your truck. Box trailers are towed behind your truck and offer a safe and secure way to transport tools and other types of gear. Read on to find out more about what you should consider when looking at a trailer.

The bodywork

When examining a box trailer which is for sale, you must pay attention to the bodywork. Box trailers are typically made of aluminium as this is a strong but lightweight metal. You should take the time to check the thickness of the sheets of aluminium. Thicker metal will provide a greater level of sturdiness. There is a very simple test you can perform. All you need to do is to applying pressure to the aluminium skin. Thinner skinned trailers will flex to a greater degree compared to thicker skinned ones so the amount of flex will allow you to easily judge the sturdiness of the trailer.

It is also worth your time to inspect the spacing between the wall studs inside the trailer. The smaller the space, the greater the level of support they will provide to the skin. Older box trailers may be manufactured using light wood. If this is the case, you should check for any signs that the wood has been damaged or infected by pests. You can do this by looking for holes, chips, cracks, and warping on the surface of the wood.

The tow-bar

Finally, you should check the tow-bar to make sure it is compatible with the system on your truck. Most box trailers are now fitted with universal tow attachments which will hook up to any vehicle. However, if you are buying an older trailer, you must make sure your vehicle is set-up to tow it. If you're unsure if your truck will tow a trailer, it is a good idea to drive the vehicle to the trailer when you inspect it so you can check if the tow-bar connects or not. If you have never towed a trailer before, it is a good idea to research the best driving techniques to use when out on the road.

For more information, contact a company that supplies box trailers.